11 Exciting Travel Ideas for Thrill Seekers

Take A Whale Swim

In the Sanctuary of the Sea Mammals in the Dominican Republic, visitors can actually go swimming with whales under very strict regulations. Between December and mid-April, when the humpbacks migrate to the Silver Bank, Conscious Breath Adventures often takes tourists out to see them. It is an incredible experience that you will remember long after you have returned home to hear their eerie singing as they float through the water close to you.

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Nicaraguan volcano surfing

As you can surely guess, surfing on the water is very different than surfing down the slope of a volcano on a wooden board. Prepare to get messy, and if you fall off the board, you might even receive a few cuts, bruises, and abrasions. To balance speed and skill, you can nevertheless anticipate a genuine adrenaline rush as you scale the edge of an active volcano.

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 Jump Off of the Macau Tower in a Bungee

Bungee jumping usually seems to give adrenaline addicts a boost, but not everyone has done it from one of the world’s tallest buildings. The jump from China’s Macau Tower, which is 764 feet high, is regarded as one of the world’s most nerve-wracking and thrilling experiences. The experience starts on a platform high up on the tower, looking out over the sprawling Macau metropolis below.

Those who are falling downward get a breathtaking view of the nearby open lake as well as the active and bustling city below. They will descend at high speeds in free fall for almost five seconds during the leap before coming to rest on an airbag that was created specifically to arrest their fall. Up until you set your feet back on solid ground after the jump, it feels strange and wild.

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Plunge underwater at a Mexican cenote

Go scuba diving in a cenote on the Mexican Riviera Maya for an unforgettable underwater experience. You’ll descend into a limestone cave that has been chiseled out of the rock over thousands of years by flowing water. You’ll see a location that few get the chance to visit as you swim through this odd and interesting underworld, offering an experience that most divers can only imagine. These deep caverns, without light and most surely without life, are both eerie and seductive.

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 Visit Utah and go canyoneering

Canyoneering is a sport that involves sending adventurers into constricting gorges and canyons that frequently need for rappelling, swimming, hiking, and climbing to get through.

One of the greatest places to experience the sport is Moab, Utah because there are many opportunities to plunge into sandstone canyons and explore these undiscovered areas there. Be prepared to spend days hiking and rappelling in these slot canyons if you’re an adrenaline addict, gaining the chance to explore remote places that few people ever get to visit.

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 Visit Hawaii and ride a mule

On the Hawaiian island of Moloka’i, the steep trail that leads travelers to Kalaupapa is at best single-file. You’ll be relieved to be riding a sure-footed mule that can do the most of the work for you as you descend the side of the 1,800-foot cliff. When you look over the edge to the ocean far below, you get an adrenaline boost, but the true reward is when you get to the former leper colony and take a tour of that historic location. This mule ride will take you to paradise because it offers breathtaking views of the magnificent beach, the Pacific Ocean, and the surrounding countryside.

Kalaupapa, Molokai

 With Great White Sharks in a Cage

You’ll undoubtedly feel your heart racing as you stare through a metal cage at the terrifying beasts on the other side. No other, safer approach exists to get this close to great white sharks, which are feared for their size and reputation.

South Africa is a well-liked destination for people seeking to engage in cage diving because it is home to some of the most well-known enterprises (Shark Cage Diving). If you live close to the United States, you can go diving in the waters off the Farallon Islands, which are 26 miles west of San Francisco, or go on a multi-day trip with Great White Adventures to Isla Guadalupe, which is 160 miles off the coast of Baja California.

A shark swimming towards the camera with a ton of fish around the shark
Travel by Whitewater Rafting

One of the most well-liked adventure sports in the world is whitewater rafting, which can be enjoyed around the world in almost every region. Nothing compares to ripping through the rainforest along the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe or braving the thunderous rapids of the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. Yet just as you start to master it, a huge wave smashes over the boat, throwing you into the turbulent waters yourself. At that point, things really start to pick up. Also read about: The Adventure Traveler’s Guide to Solo Travel

whitewater rafting, Idaho