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Great Tips For Stress-Free Journey With Children

Right, there are more automobiles on the road, slower travel times, angry kids, and stressed-out parents. To assist you turn the challenging part into the exciting part, we have compiled 9 valuable recommendations.

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1. Do not overpack the vehicle

Children require room. Refrain from the urge to cram them in among the plush blankets. Limiting their movement will only make them more irate and, in the words of the RAC, “may cause concern or distraction on the road.” If at all possible, leave space between each child, especially if they like to fight. It is essential to have a cup holder or a safe spot for them to store their water bottle. The same goes for a trash bag. We questioned family travel blogger Karen Bedew of @mini travelers about her top three must-have items. More snacks, more snacks, more snacks! More times than I want to recall, they have helped us. And wipes. Wipes in abundance—you could shake a stick at them.

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2. Do bring separate bags

Give your kid a sense of pride in their travel accessories. Let them make (reasonable) choices on what to bring, and include a few surprises. Pick up some ‘new’ old books from the charity shop, wrap up some old toys they haven’t seen in a while, keep the contents of a Kinder Egg or Happy Meal freebie, and include a fresh coloring book with colored pencils in its pot so they don’t all disappear. For trips or rainy days, consider a KeepEmQuiet entertainment pack.

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3. Ration the munchies

On a lengthy trip, you can never have too many snacks, but plan out what to provide when and inform the kids of your strategy. Make use of it as a time-telling lesson. Leave the real treats for when you reach certain points, like halfway through, after sleep, after checking in, etc. Distribute snacks in separate bags so that each child may decide how much to eat at a time. Strawberry, raspberry, cucumber, and pepper sticks, strips of crispy pear, hummus chips, granola clusters, cashew nuts, avocado strips, and raspberries are among the colorful pots of rainbow fruit, vegetable, and protein snacks. Children enjoy picking, so make it colorful!

4. Choose a new game

Who should you ask for help when you run out of vehicle games to play? Of course, the AA! Break the boredom by looking through their assortment of entertaining games for various age groups. You will laugh so hard you will be sobbing while watching Who’s Next Door and the iconic Car Colors Race.

5. Listen to a book on audio

It’s quiet time once you’ve finished playing all the games and eating all the snacks. Choose the ideal audiobook to restore your energy. Try a box set if you spend a lot of time driving on your trip. Of course, the Harry Potter series and anything by David Walliams, Roald Dahl, or Dr. Seuss are popular choices.

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6. Switch seats

It’s a good idea to move to the back of the car occasionally if you’re traveling with a companion who can split the driving. If you have very young children, shift seats to keep an eye on snack time, assist with playtime, read to them, and occasionally maintain order, advises Julia Perry, a childcare expert and mother of two. Don’t linger there for too long, though. Unless you sit up front, the driver will get lost, so please do!

7. Keep the portable toilet handy

A travel toilet within easy reach, along with extra liners, a couple of potty training trousers on hand, and lots of wipes, are vital needs if you’re potty training. A portable toilet is excellent for situations when access to facilities is limited and is also helpful for those who get motion sickness while traveling.

8. Screen time

When you are over halfway there, it can be a wonderful motivator to give the kids an iPad or Kindle as a prize for excellent behavior. There are several applications available for download that are excellent for travel. You can listen to excellent stories and music on CBeebies Radio on BBC Sounds. Also, you may download their preferred CBeebies program from iPlayer so kids can watch it anywhere. For people who frequently become vehicle sick, simply restrict their viewing time.

9. Be composure

We asked a group of seasoned parents what guidance they would give their earlier selves in the parenting department. As intimidating as it may seem to be on a lengthy journey with little, unpredictable people, keep your cool, have patience, and focus on the memories you are already creating, advises Clare, a mother of four. The father of two Jon asks, “Does it matter if there were rice cakes in every crevice of the car? That their daily routines reversed? No. Not. You’re on a journey. Just remember to bring wipes.

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